Another great day, another great meetup!

On Tuesday, 28th of November we held our 2nd meetup in Startit Center Belgrade. After a brief but powerful introduction of QA Serbia by Aleksandar Ostojić to our many new visitors, we’ve kicked off with a splendid presentation by our esteemed guest Milena Vujošević Janičić Ph.D. about the importance of testing and verification in software development.

Following up was an overview of a new and interesting test automation paradigm – ScalaWebTest by Veljko Jovančić.

The focus of the event was the presentation of the QAITive education center by Predrag Popović and Pavle Batuta.

Finishing the event was a panel discussion and networking with delicious homemade muffins once again prepared by Mirjana Mijatović.

We would like give our thanks to all participants, organizers and our esteemed guest, but above all to everyone from the community for attending and for the amazing enthusiasm and atmosphere – it’s truly inspiring to see so many people wishing for a positive change in the industry. We can proudly annunciate that over 150 people were on meetup!

At the end, we would like to inform you that we created QA Serbia Slack group to be connected, to expand knowledge, to consult, to solve problems, to exchange ideas and useful links in order to strengthen our community.

Be connected, enjoy testing with us!

Sincerely yours QA Serbia.