Software and QA Engineer

Hello friends, let me say a few words about my IT journey. I have been working on various system platforms and different OS-es. At first, I was a developer of UI applications written in GTK, C# , Java. I also worked with embedded system and compilers. In the beginning, testing was just another unnecessary task. I was thinking to myself: “who needs testing?” My code looks good and works fine, I’ll just write some unit tests to say I’ve done it.  

My first real experience with testing was to create an automation system for testing microcontrollers. Because I like automating things (.sh, .bat) this experience was the breakthrough to the QA world. I started to realize how testing is very important in development and bug cycle.

After that I have tested web-based applications as well as client-server applications for well-known companies around the world. As a QA engineer, I’ve written Test Plans, Test Cases. As far as different types of testing is concerned, I have performed Smoke Testing, Functional Testing, Backend Testing, BlackBox Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing and UAT.

So, I think that’s enough for now, come and join us to have a talk during one of our meetups.

See you soon.