Blockchain developer

Blockchain architect

Hi, my name is Pavle. I used to work on embedded systems, compilers. Now I mostly develop stuff on the blockchain.

I started as many others do – I saw tests as a nuisance. It seemed to me that it was enough to write code and rely on ninja skill to make sure everything worked. You just try it, it works, you walk away. Cool guys don’t look at explosions.

In other words, I was clueless.

Then I began working on real code that mattered to people. Not only that, but code that was hard to patch – firmware on devices, decentralized software, stuff like that. As I immersed myself in the life cycle of a software product, I began to realize something – code sucks. It doesn’t matter, it’s a nuisance. Code only exists because we don’t have a genie and a magic lamp to make our wishes into reality.

Testing matters more than code because it lets you be on the receiving end of what you create. It makes sure you, as a developer, understand and deliver quality. I believe that everyone involved in the life of software should be aware of this.

This is why I do this. I want us all to work together to make software better.