QA Serbia & GD Dynamic talks – DevOps meetup

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we hope that you like winter Ice Creams so we prepared something very special and interesting for you. We all now that Continuous integration and Delivery is very important and how much Dev…Operations are present in developing and delivery process.
So we decided to organize a DevOps event in partnership with Grid Dynamics. Their engineers will present us how they deal with CI/CD and share best practices. The event will be organized on Friday, December 21st at 6 pm in ICT Hub.

We will try to get into the profile of DevOps engineer and career development, then we will try to give best practices in building universal CI/CD framework for Enterprise. In the last topic, we will share the experience and case studies of how to reduce time to market. 🙂

Also, we will try to answer every question regarding Dev >>DevOps and QA, so be prepared and feel free to ask! 🙂 For the most interesting questions, we have nice gifts! 🙂
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18:00 – 18:15 Registration

“CI/CD practices for the enterprise”

1. “DevOps practice development in Grid Dynamics” [talk, 15 minutes]
by Aleksander Shorikov – Engineering manager

2. “Building universal CI/CD framework for Enterprise” [talk, 30 minutes]
by Aleksander Mokanu – DevOps engineer

3. “Reducing time to market: case studies” [talk, 30 minutes]
by Mikhail Terentiev – DevOps engineer

Moderator: Milica Bajcetic

Be connected, enjoy our event!

See you!