During the snowstorm, Best meetup ever!

Hello folks!

We would like to thank you, for the bottom of our hearts, for attending our meetup #3  during the snowstorm, in such a great number! Thank you for supporting  QA Serbia community and in the future, we will continue to provide some new quality content just for you.



First of all, we would like to thank our lecturers from InterVenture, Ivan Marinkovic I Marko Vukasinovic. Their lecture about  E2E Testing @ Facebook, Selenium and the Four Rules of Simple Design, Screenshots in Automated Testing were very educative and demonstrative.

Second – we would like to thank Jan Valentine from Kayak on his lecture about UX – Data driven testing. It wasn’t just informative, but interactive and dynamic as well.

Third – we would like to thank Alexey Lyanguzov from Grid Dynamics on his lecture about “Data Pools – an approach to manage test data”. We hope that you enjoyed listening to them as much as we did.

Last, but not least – we would also like to thank our friends from Startit Centar who helped us and made our #3 meetup even more special.

Stay tuned and see you soon!

QA Serbia